Reinvesting in Agriculture Through R&D Tax Credits

Reinvesting in Agriculture Through R&D Tax Credits

Are you aware of valuable tax credits that may allow you to reinvest in your agriculture business? For a long time, research and development (R&D) tax credits were mostly associated with large companies conducting research in software, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and high-tech products and processes. However, the R&D tax credit has evolved over the years, and a considerable number of activities associated with agriculture can and do qualify.

R&D is essential to driving advancements in agriculture, and many people working in the industry engage in R&D activities on a weekly basis—activities that could qualify for significant tax credits. Every dollar matters in identifying, testing and executing solutions to farming challenges.

Tax Point Advisors, a leading provider of R&D tax credit and specialty tax services, is providing this e-book to put all the information you need to know about accessing R&D credits at your fingertips. We hope this e-book simplifies the qualifying process and helps you take your first steps toward claiming credits you have earned.

Our 9-page e-book includes:

Chapter I – Changes in the Agriculture Industry
Chapter II – The Evolution of R&D Tax Credits
Chapter III – Qualifying Agriculture Activities
Chapter IV – Considerations for Agriculture Companies and Suppliers


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