The Business Owner’s Guide to R&D Tax Credits

The Business Owner’s Guide to R&D Tax Credits

If you had the opportunity to receive a substantial amount of money for the innovative work your company is performing on a daily basis, wouldn’t you want to receive it? While such an opportunity exists through federal and state research and development (R&D) tax credits, businesses are missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Are you one of them?

Less than 33% of companies that qualify for the federal R&D tax credit actually utilize it.

This e-book is designed as a guide to help you claim R&D tax credits for your eligible activities. We explain how R&D tax credits can provide a powerful tax-savings incentive for your business—and how they can become a profitable tool to help you grow your company. Our 8-page e-book covers:

Ch. I – Overview: Expansion of the R&D Tax Credit
Ch. II – How to Qualify: The Four-Part Test
Ch. III – Qualifying Activities and Industries
Ch. IV – How Much Can a Business Save?
Ch. V ­– Working with an R&D Tax Expert

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