New Jersey State Tax Credit

Posted by Jeffrey Feingold on 09.23.14

New Jersey State Tax Credit offers incentives to promote business development and job creation. There are many tax credits available for different industries. A popular one is:

R&D Tax Credit

A taxpayer that has performed qualified research activities in New Jersey may be eligible to claim the R&D Tax Credit New Jersey. A credit for increased research activities is allowed based on qualified expenditures made in taxable years beginning on and after January 1, 1994. It provides a credit of 10% of the excess qualified research expenses over a base amount plus 10% of the basic research payments. If the research credit cannot be used because of tax liability limitations, it may be carried forward for either 7 or 15 years.

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  • HMO Assistance Fund Tax Credit

  • Grow New Jersey Assistance Tax Credit

  • New Jobs Investment Tax Credit

  • Urban Enterprise Zone Employee Tax Credit

  • Urban Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit

  • UEZ-Impacted Business District
  • Redevelopment Authority Project Tax

  • Manufacturing Equipment and Employment Investment Tax Credit

  • Small New Jersey Based High Technology Business Investment Tax Credit

  • Neighborhood Revitalization State Tax Credit

  • Effluent Equipment Tax Credit

  • Economic Recovery Tax Credit.
  • Film Production and Digital Media Tax Credit

  • Alternative Minimum Assessment (AMA) Tax Credit

  • Business Retention and Relocation Assistance Act

  • Sheltered Workshop Tax Credit

Other Business Incentives to investigate:

  • CBT Tax Benefit Certificate Transfer Program

  • CBT and Insurance Premiums Tax Credits Transfer Program

  • Health Enterprise Zones

  • Business Employment Incentive Grant

  • Net Operating Loss

How can I get more information about these tax credits?

We at Tax Point Advisors offer both federal and state tax credit services to companies of all sizes and to CPA's for their clients. We can help you identify all of the credits that apply to you, complete all the application paperwork, and give you a bullet-proof defense in case of an audit. We've never had a client's claim denied! We are the only company to have a industry-leading audit success.

What are the advantages of Tax Point Advisors?

Tax Point Advisors is comprised of a team of CPAs, engineers and tax attorneys focused on helping CPAs and their clients apply for and receive substantial federal and state tax credits. We have offices in many states and serve clients across the U.S. A Tax Point Advisors Partner manages every study. We are also the only firm which utilizes an independent, third party tax attorney and IRS audit defense expert to review our studies before they are completed.

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