TPA founder, Jeffrey Feingold, has been selected to be a guest panelist on MYOB The Radio Show!

Posted by Jeffrey Feingold on 08.19.10

After Jeffrey's July 4th appearance on the online business and entrepreneurial talk show, MYOB The Radio Show, MYOB asked him to be one of their guest panelists for future shows.  In case you missed any of the dates, we have now started a media archive of Jeffrey's appearances.  If you would like to keep informed about future interviews, please subscribe to our news feed for up to date and announcements.

(MYOB is a radio show  for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs hosted by longtime entrepreneurs Rick Brutti and Jeffrey Davison Sunday Mornings on WBNW 1120 Needham MA and live over the internet at The show provides advice, information and connections for entrepreneurs, service providers and established companies.

The show covers business topics such as how to successfully run a business for the beginner or seasoned veteran, different financing options, and networking ideas. Along with expert guests who help business owners/managers and those interested in getting into business navigate the issues concerning business. The show also introduces businesses that are in the start-up stages that are looking for investors and or financing. It offers a great opportunity to showcase businesses through interviews with business owners and executives.)

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