The Contractor’s Guide to R&D Tax Credits

The Contractor’s Guide to R&D Tax Credits

Does your contracting company resolve technological challenges through the innovative use of products and processes? Many of the activities conducted by contractors and subcontractors – particularly those working in the construction industry – qualify for R&D tax credits, a benefit that can mean tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings for your business.

This is a money-saving opportunity overlooked by countless contractors simply because they don’t know the tax credit is available to them, or they misunderstand its intent.

In “The Contractor’s Guide to R&D Tax Credits,” Tax Point Advisors, a leading national expert in R&D credits and specialty tax services, provides the information you need to help identify qualifying activities for this valuable cost-savings opportunity.

The 9-page e-book includes:

  • Chapter I – Expansion of the R&D Tax Credit
  • Chapter II – Qualifying Contractor Activities
  • Chapter III – R&D Considerations for Contractors
  • Chapter IV – Contractor Case Study Examples

Our e-book provides the information you need to know to identify such tax-savings opportunities for your contracting business and to make sure you are not leaving money on the table. Fill out the form on this page to learn more about how the R&D credit can benefit your business.


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