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FREE GUIDE: The Contractor’s Guide to R&D Tax Credits

FREE GUIDE: The Contractor’s Guide to R&D Tax CreditsDoes your contracting company resolve technological challenges through the innovative use of products and processes? Many of the activities conducted by contractors and subcontractors – particularly those working in the construction industry – qualify for the R&D Tax Credit, a benefit can mean tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings for your business.

This is a money-saving opportunity overlooked by countless contractors simply because they don’t know the tax credit is available to them, or they misunderstand its intent.

In “The Contractor’s Guide to T&D Tax Credits,” Tax Point Advisors, a leading national expert in R&D Credits and Specialty Tax Services, provides the information you need to help identify qualifying activities for this valuable cost-savings opportunity. The e-book includes:

  • Chapter I – Expansion of the R&D Tax Credit
  • Chapter II – Qualifying Contractor Activities
  • Chapter III – R&D Considerations for Contractors
  • Chapter IV – Contractor Case Study Examples

Our e-book provides the information you need to know to identify such tax-savings opportunities for your contracting business and to make sure you are not leaving money at the table. Fill out the form to the right to learn more about the R&D credit and to get the credit you deserve.


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