Qualifying R&D Activities Checklist

TPA's Check List for Identifying Potential Qualifying R & D Activities

Are your activities technical in nature?

  • Engineering

  • Physics

  • Computer science

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Mathematics

Are you involved in coming up with technical solutions for your customers or helping your customers design or even improve their ultimate solution?

Do you have employees who are engineers or other skilled technicians who use computer‐aided design tools or other design related tools? (e.g. CAD)

Do you sometimes work with new materials?

Does your manufacturing or build process include testing or experimentation?

Do you ever create prototypes or mockups?

Do you engage in technical projects to make your processes more efficient, faster, more costeffective?  Including production lines, product designs or internal information systems.

Do you develop your own proprietary operating systems instead of purchasing off the shelf solutions?

Do you frequently need to modify your product or service to meet external challenges such asenvironmental issues, technological advancements, site issues or new customer demands?

When you take a customer’s order or win a bid, are you uncertain of how to design and create the product?  Involving possible design/build, retool, redesign, regroup etc.?

Are there any situations that forced you to change your method? Is this commonplace? What do you typically do?

If the taxpayer can answer ‘Yes’ to any of these multiple scenarios, then they may be a strong candidate for the R & D tax credit.

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