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National Experts. Local Touch.SM Our experts come to your town to find more tax incentives for you. 

CPA firms and their clients often need outside expertise when it comes to specialized tax services. Yet it can often be time-intensive to perform the R&D tax calculations necessary to determine eligibility.

Tax Point Advisors provides R&D tax credit study services and other specialty tax services to CPA firms and their clients throughout the U.S. Our trusted team of CPAs, engineers and tax professionals assist CPAs and their clients in identifying and capturing their maximum federal and state R&D tax credits. Our audit rate is less than five percent, and our industry-leading audit success is unmatched. That’s because we don’t just calculate R&D credits—we have experts placed nationally so that we can also conduct a local, thorough onsite R&D review process for every study, then we write a bullet-proof, audit-defensible study report.

The TPA Difference

  • Multiple Client Site Visits
    Tax Point Advisors makes multiple client site visits for each R&D or energy study – large or small – always by experienced R&D or Section 179D Energy Deduction professionals. The first is part of the pre-engagement process; it qualifies the activity that meets IRS requirements, and provides the client with a highly accurate credit range. The next few visits are part of the study process, in which we perform a detailed analysis, and document technical issues. These in-person visits allow us to better understand the clients’ processes, and lead to stronger study reports and more accurate credit numbers.
  • No Out-of-Pocket Costs
    Tax Point Advisors never charges clients for out-of-pocket costs, such as travel expenses. We have senior project teams on the ground in our offices across the U.S., so travel is generally by local staff. In the event that we do need to fly in a specific Tax Point Advisor team member for a special project, we still don’t charge the client for our travel expenses. Tax Point Advisors will, of course, respond to any Information Document Request (IDR) that is presented to them by any federal or state agency and provide full audit representation to our clients for no additional charge.
  • Fixed-Fee Pricing
    Our pricing is done on a fixed-fee basis. Because our fee is fixed, the IRS knows we have no financial incentive to find your client a bigger credit than our original estimate. While we often do find bigger credits, we receive no additional compensation.
  • Clients Owns the Work
    In a Tax Point R&D study, the client owns all of our work. This means that the study report is useless under audit unless that client retains them for audit defense. With our studies, we provide not just the final numbers, but ALL of the work that got us to there, allowing full transparency, and giving the client control and ownership of all of the data.

To learn more about how Tax Point Advisors provides R&D tax credit study services and other specialty tax services, simply fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch with you. Or, you may call us at (800) 260-4138 nationwide.

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