45L and 179D Energy Efficiency Studies - Hire a firm with certified engineers

45L and 179D Energy Efficiency Studies - Hire a firm with certified engineers

Posted by Jeffrey Feingold on 06.30.21

Unlike many firms, Tax Point Advisors conducts a site visit and onsite testing for every energy efficiency study, as required by the IRS, in order to document results, AND the site visits are done by our certified engineers.  Many firms send non-engineering staff to conduct cursory site visits, but this is a sub-standard approach.


Tax Point Advisors also provides audit representation, including court testimony if needed.  Our energy efficiency subject matter experts are certified under Calcerts, Inc www.calcerts.com for:


New Construction

Whole House - HERS II

Alterations Non Residential

New Construction Non-Residential 

Solar (NSHP)

Energy Efficient Mortgage

Title 24 - HERS I 

RESNET HERS - trained & certified by accredited RESNET Provider (Calcerts) or Education/Training (Everblue)


Our certifiers are certified under the Building Performance Institute www.bpi.org for:


BA - Building Analyst

MFBA - Multifamily Building Analyst

Envelope Professional


Our certifiers are also certified : 


Lighting Acceptance Technician - calctp.org

Mechanical Acceptance Technician - No certifying board yet

ICC CalGreen Inspector/Plans Examiner - www.iccsage.org


Don’t shortchange yourself with a firm offering “cookie cutter” energy efficiency studies not conducted by qualified, certified engineers.  Call Tax Point Advisors.  National Experts.  Local Touch.

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